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Hi I’m Brendan Lo founder of smartass undies,

whacky father of 2 and tragic 80’s music fan. I’ve been a collector of quotes, snippets of wisdom and practical good sense for most of my life. Many of the books on my shelf have the power messages underlined or circled.

I continually gather notes on my phone when I hear inspiring messages and there are cute little affirmation cards sitting on windowsills around the house. Yet, I still have moments where my brain seems to take leave and the mindless chatter begins, dreaded doubt creeps in and the “woe is me, the sky is falling” thoughts arise.

WTF happens to all that wisdom and good sense?

It can so easily get swept under the carpet and the daily madness takes over.

I started thinking about what could be an effective way to stay on track with what I know to be true in life, but more often than I like, seem to lose sight of?



I could hire a 24/7 live-in coach to remind and motivate me throughout the day! Tony Robbins didn’t want the gig and apparently, I couldn’t afford him anyway.


I could have all the key messages tattooed across my body, ouch, yeah, I’m too much of a scaredy cat of needles and I don’t have that much skin.


I could shed all my belongings, move into a cave and spend the rest of my years reading the great scripts and books of the world. I like caves, butt, nah.


I could record messages and play them on repeat through earphones all day, not a bad idea but a bit socially isolating.

I needed a way to stay on track that was going to fit in with my everyday life.

Hey presto, smartass undies was born from a 3 in the morning brain fart

Most of us put on a clean pair of undies most days of the week. Yes, I know, there are those that prefer to go commando and set sail to the wind. And to that crew may the wind always blow in your favour. Butt, for the rest of us, our undies can be our motivational tool to carry our important reminders. We see them when we pull them out of the draw or off the shelf, when we put them on, take them off, throw’em in the wash, take’em out, hang’em up, take’em down, fold and put away.

Our undies are our routine, they’re in-escapable, attached to our body, discreet and inconspicuous. They have a tactile presence with a covert mission, to keep our chosen message lighting up our pre-frontal cortex throughout the day, even when we’re sitting on our own private Idaho.

We set up camp to serve those that also seek to improve their everyday condition, who have a taste for a meaningful and purposeful life, butt, sometimes need a little prompt, ok, occasionally a kick in the ass to come back to what really matters. And of course, we want you to not only wear our undies, butt most importantly, wear a cheeky grin and have a happy ass.

Our Team

Admin Support

He’s the one who really knows what’s going on and does all the important shit.


AKA Shield against debt collectors


He’s the bossy one telling everybody else what to do.


Dead set legend, or so he tells himself

Marketing Manager

Zero previous experience, completely out of his depth (Yes we’re looking for a replacement).


Seriously the most comfy undies I have worn. Love that the packaging is biodegradable and the undies are made from recycled materials. So every morning I get the reminder of ‘KINDNESS’, to ‘NEVER QUIT’ to ‘MEDITATE’, and that ‘HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE’. How great is that, highly recommend every part of smartass undies from the order to arrival and wearing.

Adelaide, Australia

Very comfortable undies , easy to wear. A good idea that it feels natural with recyclable material.

Selestat France

I love that these smartass undies are super soft and comfortable! They fit snug on my body and I can’t believe that they are made out of recycled plastic bottles! I am all about being eco-conscious as possible and I love the fact that this company is eco-friendly on all levels! Plus, the motivational messages are hilarious and keeps me uplifted when I’m wearing or not wearing and just seeing it in my drawers!

Los Angeles, California United States of America

I like the smartass undies because they are comfortable to wear with a good fit.
And especially the message behind about a smile, that cost nothing butt brings much reward.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The motivational messages on my undies are always helpful and uplifting especially on the busiest and stressful times of the day.

Darwin, Australia

Love my smartass undies!! love them so much because the material is breathable and so comfortable that i had to check to see if i still had them on. i am going to buy more asap!!

Darwin, Australia

Awesome jocks! Love the vision, design, the feel, and the fact they are made with renewables.

South Golden Beach, Australia

A great pair of comfortable underwear that fit and wear well. They dry super fast after washing so great for hiking and camping. The procrastination quote keeps me getting shit done on a daily basis and a smile on my dial. They make a great gift idea.

Keerrong, Australia

Comfy underwear with attitude! Who would have thought you could turn to your underwear for inspiration and motivation. Well that is exactly what you get when you put on your smartass undies. A quirky reminder that the power of positivity is fundamental to your health and well-being.

Byron Bay, Australia

Hi, I received my smartness undies, a pair of stylish, comfortable black underpants, with a fun message on my backside, printed in white so it stands out. Pity it can’t be seen when I am wearing pant over the top.

Rockhampton, Australia

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We trust you’ll enjoy wearing our smartass undies. We love to hear how the messages people choose have an impact on their day. Share your story, and or post a pic, let's motivate the world to act and be a little smarter every day.